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Equitable Strategies & Solutions

We offer proactive strategies and solutions to help organizations become more equitable and inclusive.

Who We Are

CORE Perspectives is a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) consulting firm that helps organizations realize meaningful change. We believe that when working environments become more open and inclusive, organizations are able to innovate and succeed.

DEI Services We Provide

At CORE Perspectives, we believe that change must come from within. This is why we offer a combination of strategic planning, consulting and training services in which we work with our clients to create an environment of equity and mutual respect among managers, employees and customers for an overall improved business climate. In short, we aim to optimize operations by helping organizations better anticipate and address organizational challenges through an improvement in their planning, decision-making processes, and workplace interactions.

We are a Woman Owned Small Business 


Grow Your Company's DEI Vision

Let us assist you with your DEI strategic planning, consulting and training. Contact us today!

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