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Our Team

At CORE Perspectives, we believe all organizations can create an environment where everyone can thrive, but to accomplish this, we know it's not enough to just have a diverse group of employees. You have to create an environment where all employees feel welcome, respected, and encouraged to share their unique perspective with the team. That's why we've created a team of consultants who represent various lived experiences and generational perspectives. From Baby Boomers to Gen Z, our consultants come from a wide range of backgrounds that inform our philosophy for working with our clients. We believe in cultivating an environment where everyone is heard and valued for their unique perspective, so that organizations can thrive from within.

Tiffany G. Townsend, Ph.D.

President & Owner

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Dr. Townsend is a clinical psychologist and seasoned DEI executive with a proven track record of successfully delivering  equity and inclusion programs, research and advocacy initiatives. Her career spans over two decades and includes leadership positions in various educational and non-profit settings. Her work has been featured in several journals, books and media outlets and she has secured close to $5 MM in external funding. She currently serves as the Vice President of Organizational Culture and Chief Diversity Officer for Purdue University Global, and as the President of the Georgia Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (GADOHE).


Harrison Davis, Ph.D.



Dr. Harrison Davis serves as Life University’s Chief Diversity Officer and Director for the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion where he provides leadership for university-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. He also served as the Coordinator for Diversity & Inclusion for the College of Health Sciences & Professions and Associate Professor of Counseling at the University of North Georgia. With over 25 years of work in diverse clinical and educational settings, he has demonstrated strong inclusive leadership. He’s coordinated diversity awareness campaigns, managed diversity councils, and facilitated numerous diversity training programs. 

Model of Consultation

Our model is distinctive and goes beyond the typical DEI services provided by other consultants. We believe that if you want real change, you need to get down to the core of an organization’s culture, its mission and vision, and how it interacts with its customers. We take a strategic foresight perspective to reduce resistance to change and help our clients think about their organization in innovative ways.

Rather than a one-time effort, we treat the process of advancing diversity, equity and inclusion as a journey, which requires an intentional, stepped approach. Focusing on actions that reduce resistance to change first can help organizations more effectively implement inclusion and equity efforts, whether they are committed to becoming more diverse or just want to improve their overall organizational health. Additionally, we believe that engaging with key stakeholders throughout the process offers additional insight into the potential impact that these changes can have at all levels of the organization.

Grow Your Company's DEI Vision

Let us assist you with your DEI strategic planning, consulting and training. Contact us today!

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